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Dec 8, 2009
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I have this very versatile pedal that I haven't really used since getting a Mesa Triple Crown.

I used to also have the Bogner Blue and Red pedals, which were also great, but I prefer this since it's a single pedal and I find that the tone in the Hi and Lo modes pair better together. The Red and Blue pedals sounded pretty different, whereas the tone in the two channels here can be very similar, just with more gain in the Hi side if you want it.

Two channels (high and low gain), and you can set separate output levels for each channel via the Hi Trim knob on the front (all the way CCW is the same as the Lo channel, and as you turn it up you add gain to the Hi channel). Even better, not only does it have Bass and Treble controls, but it has Mesa's 5-band EQ that can create pretty much any sound you want. Scooped classic metal, a mids-boost like a Tube Screamer, whatever.

You can also choose to assign the EQ to either channel 1, 2, both, or none at all. So you can have the same amount of gain on both channels, but have one channel set up for a Tube Screamer type bump with the graphic EQ, and the other have the graphic EQ off (no mids bump), for instance. It's a really versatile pedal, always with a Mesa flavor to the sound.

Massive amounts of Gain if you want it, or mild overdrive and everything in between. Good condition with some regular small scratches, but everything works great.

Price: $220 shipped/Paypal'd.

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