FS in UK. Mesa V-Twin, Line 6 DL4 and more...


Feb 10, 2012
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Having an FX clear out and the following are up for sale-

Mesa Boogie V-Twin with PSU £250. Very good condition, a few light scratches and marks on exterior.

Line 6 DL 4 Delay Modeller. £95. Heavily used and hence pretty beat up (genuinely relic'd!) but has been 100% rock solid and is fully functioning. Low price reflects exterior condition. PSU included.

Lehle A/B/Y true bypass switcher. £85. Similar to units by Whirlwind and Morley but way more heavy duty. Some light scratches on chassis screws but otherwise in very good condition.

MXR Micro Amp. £50. One black felt tip mark on front but otherwise in very good condition.

Boss LS2 Line Selector. £55. Brand new, never used. Original packaging long gone though.

Will ship to UK & Europe.


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