FS: Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor


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Jun 1, 2010
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Not very used Tube Factor.

Im getting another amp, never used this much to begin with. Basically was for emergency backup. No longer needed.

These go for $280 now, I had to pay $300 a while back when I got this one.

Mine WAS modified at one time but is all original once again. Because of the prior mod there are a couple of extra holes in it but nothing to worry about. They are small. Only one is visible from above. You can see it in the picture, its above the right footswitch. It has been filled in with solder so no dirt can get in.

Eveything works perfectly as it should. Everthing that came with it brand new is included and works perfectly. All paperwork and original packaging included.

These are a great overdrive pedal. Even though there are only 3 knobs you get a lot of tonal changes. It does nice smooth overdrive all the way to metal distortion. I had it setup to use with my PRS to play Megadeth/Iced Earth no problem.

Because of the extra holes Im only asking $110 shipped CONUS.



If you want, I can throw in 1 extra 12ax7 for free. I have a JJ ECC832 (sorta medium gain) or an EH 12AX7 (crisp fendery tones when in the tube factor).

For an extra $5 you can have both the JJ and the EH. Both have possibly 5 hours time on them. Just used them to see if I could pull any useable tones outta my crappy 5150.

No trades please.

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