FS Gibson HB humbucking pickup set The Original Bill Lawrence pickups HB-L HB-R


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Feb 3, 2012
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I have a rare matched set of 1990 Gibson The Original HB pickups HB-L Lead & HB-R Rhythm Bill Larence electric guitar pickups for sale in great condition. The HB-L Lead pcikup measures 9.09 ohms and has 12 inches of lead length while the HB-0R rhythm pickup measures 7.29 ohms and has 12 inches of lead length.. They come with mounting bolts & springs.


"The Gibson HB-R (neck position) and the HB-L (bridge position) "The Original" Circuit-Board Humbuckers were the result of an exceptional collaboration between Bill Lawrence and Gibson when he re-joined the Gibson team in the late eighties. The HB-R & HB-L pickups are thought by many to combine the low-end aggressiveness of a Bill Lawrence 500-L with the precision of a Gibson Classic '57 Humbucker" I can be reached at 978-500-7894 with any questions and more pics are available here: http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/msg/2845951294.html Thanks and have a great day!

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