FS/FT: Tweed Exterior/Blue Interior Stinger LP-R9 Case VERY RARE


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Aug 3, 2009
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I have a mint (dead-nuts mint) Stinger case (tweed with bright blue lining) that came with a non-Stinger 2001 R9 I recently sold. The Stinger cases are exceptionally rare, and were issued for a very short time by Music Machine with their Stinger guitars circa 2003. One of these cases sold on eBay in 2009 for $1150!

I've been offered cash and a Lifton case, but I am past the Lifton case GAS stage. They are nice to look at, nice to shoot photos of R's in, but in general, not terribly functional.

I don't want to gouge anyone, but I don't want to sell myself short either, so, I'd be willing to sell the case for the best offer over $650 cash or some combination of a Black Custom-shop case (preferably with black interior, but that's not THAT important) and cash.

BUT I'D PREFER TO trade even up for one of these Harvest Leather Gig Bags... It's made in Germany and looks amazing. Harvest Fine Leather | Cow Marble Antic | buy online Send me a Harvest Leather LP Gig Bag and the Stinger Case is yours!

OR, come up with some sort of creative offer. I am wide open on this.

Here's what the Stinger Case looks like (guitar, obviously, is not included and has been sold):




Thanks for looking,

Bob :)

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