FS/FT: Rare Vintage British Amplifier Nolan Flame (Celeb Owned)


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Jul 15, 2009
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Nolan was an amp maker in the late '60s early '70s in England. These amps were never exported to the USA. Sonically this amp is very similar to the Marshall Plexi amps of the era and is driven by 2 EL34s and has two jumpable channels. The maker of these amps was actually friends with Jim Marshall and I have been in touch with one of the original builders for Nolan. I will share my correspondence with him as it sheds some light on the interesting history of these amps. Some people online have referred to these as the best sounding rock amps ever and this truly needs to be heard to be believed. Nolan introduced the Flame line to offer something visually distinct as they have orange tolex. Estimates have less than 50 of these ever being produced and this is the only working example that I have personally ever seen reported. This specific example that I am selling was previously owned by a member of Guns N Roses. I can provide the photographic proof of that, which was given to me when I bought the amp. This amp is stock except for a new classic tone OT, a 3-way switch, and fresh capacitors (all professionally installed by Jeff Scarborough). I am also including a stepdown converter. As I mentioned these were never exported to the USA, and so require 220 volts to function. The converter does that nicely. If you have any questions, please ask and I'll be happy to answer. Sonically this amp has an absolutely perfect sound for classic rock up through Sabbath tones. Down for trades for guitars or watches. It's tough to nail down a price due to the extreme rarity of these amps, but we can discuss it together if you'd like to buy. I have it currently listed for $1800 OBO on eBay. For MLP members let's start at $1500.




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Dec 22, 2014
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I would suggest someone snap this up if it’s anywhere as good as my 1970s Nolan

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