FS/FT: Fender Custom Shop '57 Tweed Twin Low-Power Reissue Amp


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Mar 17, 2008
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Up for sale is my Custom Shop Fender Low-Powered Twin combo, 100% handwired tube Tweed tones...Clapton & Keith Richards tones galore! As you can see from the pics, the amp is in excellent shape and has seen very little use outside of a home studio environment, although it does have some light wear. Extremely rich in harmonics and sounds great both clean and cranked. I'm a big fan of the Weber-designed Emi AlNiCos that Fender put into these amps-- they're simply some of the best production speakers I've heard come out of the Custom Shop and they pair with the pine cab and circuit beautifully. Another nice trick with this version of the Twin is the ability to remove one of the rec tubes to drop the volume, increasing sag and lower the headroom slightly. With both rec tubes in, this amp has tons of volume and snap. Tight build quality by Fender's Custom Shop with a handwired turret board, quality components, etc. Currently has a mix of NOS recs and power tunbes and new production 12AX7s in it. Comes with a D2F padded cover ($65 value). I believe these are very similar to the new Clapton signature twins except without the attenuator.


'55-'57 5E8A circuit design
Hand-wired chassis
40W tube power
2 - 12" Special Design Ted Weber/Eminence Alnico magnet speakers
Solid finger-jointed pine cabinet
Genuine lacquered tweed
Striped oxblood grille cloth
Leather strap handle
Controls: Presence, Bass, Treble, Volume (Bright Channel), Volume (Normal Channel)
Dual channels (Normal and Bright)
Chrome control panel
4 inputs (2 per channel)
Standby switch
Internal bias pot
Dual rectifiers
4 x 12AX7 (preamp)
2 x 6L6 (power section)
2 x 5U4 (rectifier)

"This all-tube combo amp has hand-wired circuitry; we've even reproduced the 1955-57 edition 'low powered' 5E8A circuit, which puts 40 watts into a pair of 12" alnico-magnet speakers. Power comes from a pair of GT6L6 output tubes and Fender's rarely seen mid-'50s dual rectifier arrangement (using 5U4 rectifier tubes). With this design, power amp compression or "sag" is more subtle than in many Fender tweed designs. The Twin's preamp contains four high-gain 12AX7 tubes, three of which may be substituted with 12AY7s for the original '50s low-gain sound. An internal bias pot allows easy substitution of various 6L6 types. Control panel details include normal and bright volumes, four inputs (two normal; two bright), treble, bass and presence knobs. "

Asking $1600 PayPal'd plus shipping. I'd consider trades or partial trades, although I can't think of much off the top of my head... maybe a vintage 'issues' Gibson of some sort? This amp has some weight to it, so I'm guessing it'd be $100+ to ship properly. It's been a bit since I shipped an amp and I'm not really looking forward to it :), so if you're in the Knoxville / Chattanooga / Nashville area and are interested, I'd love to do a local sale.

Feel free to PM or email with any questions -- [email protected]. Thanks!



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