FS/FT: 70's Marshall A Cab (New England Area)


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Jul 5, 2008
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I just took in a 4X12 bottom cab, and don't have a need for two cabs at this point. This one is in very good cosmetic condition, and sounds terrific. No stains on the checkerboard grillcloth, no funky smells, etc. Loaded with G12K-85 speakers, which are the early version of the current G12K-100's, with 1777 cones, with upgraded heavy gauge wiring.

Looking for $600 cash, trade value a bit higher. Small tube combos would be of interest, +/- cash depending on the amp. I'd consider possibly working in a deal for the Marsh built 2204 replica amp shown above. That's in the $1K range.

I don't want to ship, so please only local deals. Additional photos for anyone with serious interest. Thanks for looking.

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