FS: Early USA Malmsteen Strat

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May 29, 2012
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1625 shipped in the CONUS.

This is an 88 or at least a very early USA Fender Malmsteen, as it has Dimarzio tuners. Tremolo bar, Fender decal, warranty card, and manual are all included. The saddle adjustment Allen key is even still taped inside the back cover of the manual. The tweed case has some discoloration and wear, but it’s otherwise in great shape and even still has the green/blue protective plastic over the end latches.

This guitar has a small ding along the bottom edge (near the first pickguard screw after the end lower horn), a few small marks on the back, and some clearcoat marks/blemishes on neck, likely from a wall hanger or stand. There are a few checks in the finish on the neck, but I can’t get them to photograph, and I can’t feel them with my fingers—they’re only slightly visible in certain light and angles Brass nut, scalloped fretboard. The 5 way switch is a little bit odd when going into the neck position—it works and sounds fine, but the switch itself just feels a bit clunky as it lands into that position. A cheap fix, but I thought it best to leave the guitar all original. Get your shred on.

The “very good” condition rating is being cautious—this is in awesome condition for a 34 year old guitar. Please note that, as with all guitars, this one will probably need some adjusting to the buyers tastes, especially given the time of year, humidity, and so on.
I purchased this from a friend who had it in storage and needed to sell it due to an illness. All proceeds from the sale will be given to her.

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