FS: Bludotone Bludo Drive Amp and Loop-a-Lator


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Jul 3, 2017
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Selling an impeccable MINT custom built 50w (with 25w half power switch, 4-8-16ohm) Bludo-Drive tube amp head by Bludotone. Hand custom made and signed by Brandon Montogomery in the USA. Non-HRM, 70s voicing model, with 2 button footswitch for clean,boost,over-driven channel switching and mixing. This amp is by far the best amp you can possibly get on the market hands down. It murders any other piece of gear out there in clean, crunch, rock, heavy metal, and everything in-between at ANY VOLUME with ANY electric guitar. There's a reason why I think there's a wait list of a couple years to get one of these new.

My ad price also includes the Loop-a-lator, which is single rack-space All Tube impedance matching device that allows you to use the Bludo-Drive amp to it's fullest potential (even at super low volumes). It also has a full pre-amp fx loop allowing you to properly get all those reverb, delay, etc. effects perfectly. The Loop-a-Lator takes the signal from the "Preamp out" and changes the impedance to the proper level to drive your rack/pedal effects, and then brings the level from your effects back up to match the "power amp in". The Loop-a-Lator also acts as a secondary master volume, allowing you to find the "sweet spots" in your amplifier controls, and still maintain a reasonable volume.

Available for demo and pick-up downtown Ottawa. Open to offers!

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions about specs!


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