FS: Bad Cat Cub IIR 1x12 combo amp, Mark Sampson era


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May 30, 2015
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For sale is a 2003 Bad Cat Cub IIR 15-watt 1x12 combo amp. Price is $1200 and we can talk about shipping.

This is the most coveted version of this highly sought-after amp, built during the "Mark Sampson era" at BC and featuring the Focused/Spectrum switch that essentially gives you a Matchless Lightning in one position and Spitfire in the other. Original BC speaker. Amp functions perfectly and sounds absolutely amazing (No B.S. - it really does). Very loud for 15 watts, though the Master Volume works great for playing at home. Gorgeous cleans and badass OD tones, all very 3D and musical.

Condition is very good. Those marks visible along the upper edge are scuffs of silver paint, not tears or wear in the tolex. This amp is built like a battleship and will outlast all of us. Selling because I placed an order for a new one from Bad Cat just before I found this one (of course), and don't need two. I doubt the new one will sound this good, but it would be harder to sell for sure. This is a great deal on a world-class amp.


It's a PITA re-sizing pics for this forum. Anyone with legit interest can PM me for more pics. Thanks!

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