FS: 80's Peavey Vintage Tube Series Rock Master 120w Head


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Mar 15, 2017
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This is my ad. It's also listed on Reverb. This is an '80's Peavey Vintage Tube Series Roack Master 120w Head.
This isn't a SS/tube hybrid..this baby is a workhorse. Original footswitch is included. I had it rewired with high quality wires and the internal fuses and holders swapped out for higher quality as well. She could use a re-tubing as they are a mixed bag..the 6L6's are RCA's and the 12AX7's are a mixture orf the original Peavey's and a Bugera (one was bad and it's what I had on hand). The tubes in her still have plenty of life, but a new matched set would make her sing like new. This amp sounds like a Marshall JCM800..I owned an 80's 100w JCM and it sounds damn close. It's basically a single channel amp, but with the footswitch you can turn on the "Push" and it's like having a second channel of pure tube driven gain. She takes pedals like a champ.

Do some reading up on this amp..it's pretty rare and a tough find now days. I'm pretty firm on my asking price, but will entertain offers within reason. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. I'm open to working the deal here, ebay or Reverb..choice is yours. I am also open to trades of equal value. I am always looking for "new to me" gear..amps,guitars,basses etc. Studio gear gets priority


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