FS: 2018 Wildwood Spec, Murphy Painted '58 Les Paul - Murphy's Lemon Gloss


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Apr 16, 2018
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For sale is a stunning 2018/TH Wildwood Spec R8 painted by Tom Murphy. It features an incredible vintage top and paint job in the gloss format....in the harder to find Murphy's Lemon. I think it looks truly fantastic paired with the super dark fretboard. The back is a deep, rich cherry color.

- The neck is a nice middle-ground between a normal R8 and R9.
- The guitar weighs 8.9 lbs.

Features all the standard Wildwood spec upgrades, along with the original hardshell Lifton case and the supporting documentation (signed Murphy COA, etc).

Guitar is in fantastic condition. No major dings or scrapes. Just light polishing scratches and minor indentations that are hard to photograph. Many pics are below, along with a video of Greg Koch playing this guitar over at Wildwood.

$5200- shipped via PPG. No trades at this time, thank you.