FS: 2017 CME LP Standard Pearly Gates makeover


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Aug 28, 2015
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Hello Everyone,
I am offering up for sale my 2017 custom shop CME Les Paul Standard guitar. It has been through the makeover process at BadMojo Vintage Makeovers. The original serial number is CME 70097. The serial number was changed to reflect the original Pearly Gates 1959 serial number of 9 1171 during the makeover process. Here is a link to the original CME listing for this guitar, you can tell it is the same guitar based on the wood grain, top pattern, case candy, etc.

The guitar itself has the original fretboard--NOT brazilian. The guitar is of all hide glue/True Historic construction per manufacture's specs for this model. Also worth noting, this is NOT a monster top. It looks like a vintage top--flamey in some lights, and almost a plaintop in others. The guitar is fully weather checked and shows some light to medium ageing--but nothing over the top or unrealistic--very tastefully done. Almost everything on this guitar has been changed/upgraded to top-of-the-line reproduction or original 1950s parts. The parts list is as follows:

Wizz PAFs
DMC aged PAF covers
Throbak aged Kluson single line single ring tuners
Bartlett cream M-69 rings (lightest version)
Historic Makeovers cellulose nitrate inlays
1970 Les Paul switch ring washer
Dave Johnson aged pickguard
Pigtiail ABR-1
Crazyparts Germany 1959 Gisbon MOP headstock logo
Throbak aged Kluson lightweight tailpiece
Throbak aged long studs
Gibson historic truss rod cover
Historic Makeover CTS vintage taper pots
Luxe PIO bumblebee capacitors
1950s Gibson bushings
1950s Gibson cream jackplate
1950s Gibson amber switch tip
1950s Gibson knobs
1950s Gibson pointers
1950s Gibson pickguard mounting bracket
1950s Gibson long-anchor strap pins/buttons
1950s Gibson knurled nut
1950s ABR-1 posts
1950s ABR-1 thumbwheels
1950s Switchcraft jack
1950s Switchcraft no-logo pickup selector switch
Gibson Historic Lifton-style case

I am asking $SOLD shipped to CONUS ONLY for this guitar. I will absorb all shipping and Paypal fees, as I believe that should be the sellers responsibility. Due to the highly customized nature of this item, no returns/all sales are final. I have perfect 5 star feedback on Reverb.com and also can give you references from MLP as I have done some trading/buying/selling here. Let me know if you have any questions--thanks for looking!! Also worth noting--I am about to leave town for work for the next week, so should the guitar sell between now and then, the soonest I can ship out is on Saturday Feb 1 or Monday Feb 3.


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