FS: 2007 Tokai LS-2PX (Jacaranda fretboard, 1 piece Honduran neck and back), Violin Finish. excellent condition, $2200 plus shipping


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Aug 24, 2019
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Hi guys,

So after posting about it on the “What’s the most expensive MIJ you own?” thread, I did some soul searching and realized that, as incredible as the Tokai LS-2PX I have is, the thinner ‘59/‘60 style neck is just too thin for me (I’m a beefy ‘58 kinda guy). So it’s with a heavy heart that I’m putting it up for sale (but without the Rolph ‘58 Pretenders- I’m keeping those bad boys!). Jacaranda fretboard, one piece Honduran neck and back respectively, all at a comfortable 9lbs. Sustain for days and days. Oh, and yes- it has fret-edge nibs, because folks seem to love those.

Tokai Love Rock LS-2PX 2007 Violin Finish (Teaburst)


Here’s the link to the Reverb site for photos. Price for MLP members is $2,200 plus shipping, which is a little under what I paid for it. CC763D03-C793-491B-8A4E-26329A8F86CA.jpeg 1C176964-17F0-44BF-ADE4-BF883643AEBD.jpeg FB70D153-E79C-4B6A-BA30-F7D2064E5EEF.jpeg 71F0D429-3B1A-452F-A013-00B92E79F6B8.jpeg 362B8EB4-A1E8-43F9-BBB1-ECED9167F5F7.jpeg A059E154-F869-41CB-9800-2ED0E1F89383.jpeg B5012C16-A1B1-4931-9507-F6CD2A355C12.jpeg 655C9C2F-4401-4BD0-BF0F-5CF376664CAB.jpeg 6B289709-E3BD-42BF-80A0-D463CB168E98.jpeg 34898A1A-61C8-43DC-B3C2-28AEA1378D51.jpeg F53A58D6-46AF-4670-AD30-9AD7940EBB53.jpeg 12549C8E-67F2-4882-A7B1-66B8BD30DE43.jpeg 41F6F2CE-2BBC-4BE1-A3CE-9D3AFA7FCC12.jpeg

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