FS: 2005 57 R7 Gibson Les-Paul Reissue owned by Robben Ford & Taku Sakashta!


Mar 21, 2010
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Hey MLP folks,

I'm selling this ultra rare and fine instrument.

It's a Robben Fords personal Les-Paul that Taku Sakashta modified and personalised for Robben.

It started it's life as an 2005 Gold Top 57 reissue that Robben personally picked at GC.

Work that Taku did:

- refinished the top to Harrisons "Lucy-like" color
- slightly re-shaped the neck and refinished the back of it
- refretted the guitar with 6105 type of fret wire
- installed a split coil push/pull tone knob
- did a new intonated nut

Robben used it until around 2008-2009 and than he gave it to Taku as a present.

Taku used it as his personal guitar and to demo his PAF style pickups until his passing.

It's now equipped with Sakashta pickup set that is super rare and occasionally pops up for sale at around $3500,-

The pickups that Robben used, come with the guitar.

Taku Sakashta guitars are now more scarse that unicorns and the prices are insane.

It's a trully one-of-a-kind instrument.

Price is firm at 8.500,- EUR

The guitar is located in Europe and my preference would be selling it within EU. Can be shipped overseas but it's now a bit complicated with all the rosewood regulations...

Thanks for looking

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