FS 1989 PRS CE 24 Alder rosewood medium neck w hsc $1295


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Jan 27, 2014
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1989 PRS CE 24 . 2 piece solid alder body . Dark rosewood board . Medium sized neck ( 1st - .84 5th - .9 12th - .97 ) Comes with original hsc .The tolex is a bit rough but the case is solid. Very resonant guitar that covers a lot of bases . Weighs 7.25 lbs . Tuners were swapped out at one point . The drill holes were patched and the guitar now has M6 Schaller non lock tuners on it . The guitar stays in tune very well . Body has typical finish dings . Frets are very clean . Original cream pickup rings are included with the whammy bar and a fold up instruction guide .
$1295 plus shipping
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