FS: 1964 Fender Deluxe (non reverb) Pre-CBS Blackface!


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Jul 13, 2011
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Up for sale is a 1964 Fender Deluxe in 99% original condition. Let me start by saying that this amp sounds so amazing that I have seen no need to change anything. Thus, all the caps are original, still has the two prong plug, and I'm pretty sure that the tubes are original. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! The only thing that is not original (that I can tell) is the speaker cable. The vibrato footswitch is missing.

Transformers, chassis, tube chart, Utah speaker all date to 1964. Tolex is in wonderful shape except for a little scuffing on the bottom. It looks like someone a long time ago drew some technicolor drawing on the grill cloth. It has mostly faded, but you can still see the remnants of the coloring if you stare at it. It shows up brighter on the pics than it looks in person. My theory is that some psychedelic or hippie band drew on it in the 60s and then this amp sat in a closet since then.

The tubes, which I think are original, are an Amperex made in Great Britain bugle boy rectifier, two U.S. made RCA 6V6's and 7025's, a U.S. made GE 12AT7 and a Mullard 12ax7 made in Great Britain.

The most important thing about this amp is the sound. Wow, it is a-may-zing. I never really "got" the blackface thing until I played this amp. However, it is time to move it along, as I have been gassing for some tweed.

I'm looking for $1500 shipped and paypaled in the CONUS. I may consider trades. I would love a cool Tele, preferrably in butterscotch, but I may consider other guitars (no amp trades, I'm set on amps).

There is a whole album of pics here. Thanks for looking.


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