FS: 1964/65 Gibson GA-30RVT Invader


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Mar 16, 2010
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Hi there,

I have a Crestline series Gibson GA-30RVT Invader amp in excellent condition. Comes with the original footswitch, original speakers, a new custom made to fit cover, three prong cable, and a clean bill of health. It does have a newer reverb transformer (see pics). Sounds great but I just have too much stuff. I don't want to be a hoarder. I am the second owner of this amp. It belonged to a reputable dealer in town (it was his personal amp) and I bought it out of nostalgia more than anything but it does sound GREAT. It has a great clean tone and supposedly sounds awesome even with pedalsteel. Takes pedals extremely well.

The speaker codes are 65 but from what I can gather, the transformer codes are 64. The 9 tube complement also suggests earlier than 65 but hey, Gibson was kind of allover the place! As we know in 65 Gibson switched from the Crestline series to the White Face series.

If you have interest, write me at gio@dumb.org. I am in no rush to do this and would most certainly prefer a local sale. Shipping something like this isn't cheap and taking one of these amps apart to ship chassis and speakers separately requires a degree in Zen meditation. That said, if you are willing to pay for shipping, we can do that but that will need to be a custom quote. I am located in St. Petersburg FL. By local I mean within a couple of hours. Willing to meet.

Price is $700 cash. For shipping, well... that will depend.

For more info on this model http://www.0rigami.com/gg/amps1.html#GA-30RVT_Invader_Crestline

There are two possible trades I would consider but they are such a far fetched situation, well I didn't consider a FSOT, but here they are:

1) An Origin Effects Cali 76 big box not the the compact

2) Boogie MK I or II head only, no combos and only if they can run 100 W

If we were to trade, we can discuss cash differences depending on what you have.

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