FS: 1959 GIBSON PAF PICKUP Original HOLY GRAIL (Patent Applied For) pickup


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Sep 10, 2009
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1959 GIBSON PAF PICKUP Original HOLY GRAIL (Patent Applied For) pickup.
The most sought-after pickup on the planet

This is an original Gibson PAF (Patent Applied For) pickup.

This one has a sandcast long magnet. The ones with the long magnets are the ones that are the most desirable.
In my opinion, the longmagnet PAFs sound better than the ones with the short magnet.

The bobbin wire has a purple-ish tinge and you can see the tool marks on the
legs shaped like the letter "L". This pickup is un-tampered other than having it's cover removed (I do not have the cover) and possibly having it's lead extended.

These pickups with these specs were manufactured between 1957 and 1960.

I've had 14 original PAF pickups over the years and this one was the best. I never planned to sell it but I rarely play anymore.

You can check online to find sites that show you how to identify real PAF pickups. You'll be able to see from the photos that this is the read deal.

It's difficult to describe sound with words but what stuck in my head about this pickup is what I called 'liquid leads.' The way the notes melded into each other during solos made my playing sound better than it was.

The decal was in much better condition when I bought it but some of it has partially been scraped off by the braided pickup lead wire due to pickup swapping between guitars.


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This is also listed on ebay for those who prefer to purchase from there:

1959 Gibson PAF Pickup Original Holy Grail Patent Applied for Pickup | eBay


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