From NAMM 2017: Mike Voltz of Gibson Memphis


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Oct 13, 2007
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From NAMM 2017: Mike Voltz of Gibson Memphis does a rundown; Memphis again impresses me with their approach and execution, of course I want them in lefty :fingersx:

The Highlights:
- Discusses the thermal engineering aka 'roasting' as applied to Memphis line in Lifeson ES, like Custom Shop offers on dealer Historics
- Mike's not so sure the tonal difference comes thru the video mic, but yup, sure does!
- 1960 ES-345 Freddie King, nice guitar and nicer words in Mike's shout out to Freddie
- "New artists working with stains..." doing the PRS thing on a 335
- Lady Carlton-esque ES-335 with trapeze and witch hats
- 1958 335 with no binding, sweet-looking' old school
- 1960 330 with "draw dropping" wood + Bigsby = yezzz!
- New ES-275, scaled-down L5 with Les Paul neck, 2-inch body width, I really would love this in lefty, Mike if you are listening...

Had to wait for a limited run of Lefty ES LP, so I am a bit of a fan of what's going on in Memphis these days.

Enjoy -

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