FOR SALE: Carol-Ann Satin 50 Watt Head - Mint


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Jan 8, 2014
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This is an amp I thought I would never let go, but with the government furlough and no paycheck coming in I need to move some gear...

This is the nicest amp I have ever played. It sounds so sweet and clear and is a fantastic platform for pedals. The amp is in Mint condition and has been very well taken care of like all my gear!

Asking $2000 Shipped

From the Carol-Ann Web Site:


This Single Channel Amplifier is designed for players who prefer simplicity and use pedals for creating different timbres. The design goal for this model was simply the most gorgeous clean tone possible with an extreme low noise floor, a tube driven reverb that sounds lush and never harsh even when the amp is pushed to its limits, flexible eq without silly extremes, an input stage with massive headroom to allow any effect to be placed in to the front of the amp. The input gain control allows the preamp to be pushed in to slightly broken but smooth overdrive that is very useful for many modern popular styles. The Satin features a foot switchable mid boost and reverb.

The unique gain structure of the Satin uses a completely separate signal path for the reverb, avoiding the need to attenuate and re-amplify the dry signal like most amplifier reverb designs. The dynamic range and noise floor is preserved, something which is very evident as the Satin has absolutely no noise whatsoever, even at gigging volumes.

The first two gain stages of the preamp use 'parallel triodes' which doubles the current of the gain stage and increases the gain and headroom significantly. This is also a major contributing fact to the low noise floor.

The power amp stage uses a 12AX7 driver feeding 6L6GC power tubes. The power amp has the typical presence control, plus a 'feel' control, which allows the player to control the tightness of the power amp, so the amplifier can be dialed in much easier for the players styles.

The Satin in the second model to feature the awesome 'Biasmon' TM circuit, which monitors several parameters inside the amp and calculates the perfect bias point. Changes in wall voltages from room to room can be very quickly adjusted for. The system on the Satin uses a single 3-color LED, Blue, Green, Red. The player just needs to turn the bias control until the green color illuminates. This also makes power tube biasing very simple for the owner and doesn't require special meters or a tech.

As with all our amplifiers, the Satin is built by hand and not only burned in, but every single one is tested at an actual live show.


6L6GC Output Tubes

Gain: This sets the overall input gain for the amp.

Bass: Low Frequency EQ

Middle: Mid Frequency EQ

Treble: High Frequency EQ

Reverb: Level of Reverb

Volume: Master Volume

Feel : Sets the low end response of the power amp stage

Presence: Sets the high frequency response of the power amp stage

Spring Reverb: 3 Spring Long Pan, 4 tube stages

BiasMon: Bias monitoring and Indication with Control

8/16 Ohm Speaker Outputs

Power Switch

Standby Switch with Tube Protection Circuit

Tube Compliment: 3x12AX7, 1x12AT7, 1x5751, 2x 6L6GC

Input Voltage: 100V, 120V, 240V depending on territory.