Food Truck invasion tonight.......


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Dec 12, 2008
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As someone who has worked in/seen the insides of several restaurant kitchens and food trucks, i usually prefer food trucks, mainly because they are almost always cleaner. They also have lower operating costs which allows some pretty exotic ingredients for reasonable prices, and in general food truck employees tend to give more of a shit. All adds up to a better experience.
I agree. These people were into what they were doing. They had six trucks......apparently they are moving in a caravan around florida trying to just stay afloat. I loved supporting them. I wanted to try something from each truck but just couldn't eat all that....... I expressed my wishes to the HOA to bring it back once a month. Whole community seemed to dig it. My place doesn't usually do things like this. But they saw a need for people who haven't gotten out in a while to have some safe social distanced fun. Those exoctic ingredients go right through you though! :fingersx:

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