Flu Outbreak!


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May 7, 2008
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Usually 20 year olds get it! I am 53. It was the sickest I have EVER been. I had a mild fever off and on for months, I could barely swallow (hence I thought it was strep throat) And I understood if I did NOT excersize, it could develop into chronic fatigue syndrome, (Epstein-Barr disease) so I hiked 3-5 times a week and went to work every day.

I'm 17, so I guess it's normal that I had it, but it was a terrible three months! I didn't exercise like you said! Either way, I've got my energy back now, pretty much! I feel your pain, though :thumb:

i was in the hospital with mono, and ended up wit
1/3rd of my liver hardend from it, almost died.
I was also sick with it for three months, most of that
time in bed

That's terrible! Mono is definitely no fun, at all.

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