First Semester of University - English / EMSP Double Major


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Dec 20, 2008
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Hello everybody,
I'm a week away from completing my first semester of university at Dalhousie, in Halifax NS. It's been fantastic, as I'm taking super a super cool, useless as every other arts degree (I hope to be a teacher, so what I'm taking is actually good for that) in English and Early Modern Studies. EMSP is basically Classics, English, Philosophy, History, Political Studies and Religious Studies all rolled into one, with material consisting of the earliest literature up until the 18th century. The school also has a Contemporary Studies Program, which is the same thing, but the 18th Century until now. I have one class, The Vampire, that is EMSP crosslisted with that. All of the readings for the 3 classes I had from those two were absolutely fantastic, as were the english readings. Film Studies, Less so.

Anyway, I just added up all of the books that I read so far, and it's almost 6000 words, 5940 to be exact, which is pretty crazy. Here's my courses:

Pulp Fiction (English)
The Vampire (EMSP/CSP)
Magic, Heresy and Hermeticism (ESMP/History of Science and Technology/History)
The Voice of Satire (EMSP)
Film Analysis (Theatre)

And here's the sweet list of books, of which only Things Fall Apart, The Sound and The Fury, Alice in Wonderland and Sirens of Titan were my choice:

Frankenstein 300
Dracula 380
Interview With the Vampire 340
Lonesome Dove 940
Much ado About Nothing 100
Gulliver's travels 340
Alice in Wonderland 100
The Sound and the Fury 320
Pride and Prejudice 360
Candide 90
Things Fall Apart 150
Sirens of Titan 320
Don Quixote 250
Gargantua and Pantagruel 250
Magic Text book 500
English Short story / Poem textbook 500
Vampire Short Stories / Poems 300
Dr Faustus 100
Satire Text book poems - 200

I have 120 pgs of lonesome dove and 160 of the sound and the fury, and about 50-60 in text books left to read.

As I said, these readings were pretty much all excellent, some of my favorite books now. Anyway, just though I'd share something for once, I don't start too many threads here anymore, but I'm lurking most days.


Edit: I've also written 13,000 words in essays for these classes so far, with 3 exams and 7000 more words to be witten. However, I've mostly enjoyed writing them, generally going way over the word limit. Woot!


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Oct 28, 2010
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Sounds great to me, Logan! :)

Nothing a person might learn is ever wasted, so long as that which he has learned is truthful. It's also usually the case that one doesn't end up working in a career that is fully linked to his formal education. The fact that you can read, write, do math, and best of all, to think critically and organize your activities effectively, will often attract an employer.

Meantime, know that I envy you... :D

Hang in there, man!

--R :thumb:


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Jan 9, 2013
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I enrolled in Colorado State University Global Campus which is the online campus for CSU to complete my project management degree and so far I have written about 60 essays(between 500 and 1000 words a piece) and read one book per class. I am actually learning more this way than when I went to school physically which I ended up dropping out after a year.

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