First Attempt at a Les Paul..


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May 10, 2008
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Looks great!

How did she sound?
Thanks! I’m really pleased with how the finish has turned out. :)

I think it sounds good! It sustains really well and with a bit of tinkering there is not any buzz to speak of and it doesn’t choke at the action I like, so fortunately I did get away with my over-radiused fretboard. The neck is a little fatter than I would have liked, but given the issues I had with it I didn’t want to take it any thinner; it’s still comfortable enough though and I don’t doubt I’ll get used to it.

Unplugged it rings really well and plugged in it sounds good too. It’s possible slightly on the darker side of neutral, but that being said, I don’t think the A2 490R/Ts suit it really; I think they sound a bit mushy myself so was expecting that.

The 490s were on my 1970 deluxe when I bought it and I didn’t like them in that, when I changed them to Bare Knuckle Riffraff(n)Mule(b) the change was fantastic and that guitar now sounds superb. I’ve ordered some Creamery PAFs with A4 magnets, so that is something I’m looking forward to.

I think this guitar sounds better than my deluxe did with the 490s, so hopefully this one will respond to better pickups as well as the deluxe did.

As for the wiring, it’s ‘50s style with coil splits on the both volume pots and a phase reverse on one of the tone pots. All of those sounds work exactly as you’d expect. Switching around between sounds appears to be well balanced, so for an initial test run I’m really happy! The caps are a very old bumblebee with .01 value on the neck pickup, and another old Sprague .018 cap on the bridge pickup (the same size as the bumblebee). I settled on these values after doing a fair amount of experimentation a few years back, but I may well change values depending on how the new pickups interact. All of the wiring from the toggle switch is the vintage braided shield type with heat shrink over the top, and the rest of the wire is cloth covered push back type vintage stuff.
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