Finally found a used SG selling for 513 bucks


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Apr 16, 2011
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The 2015 oddball features are awful to some, good for others, and not critical to many. But the market spoke, and the vast majority of players don't like that stuff. Some say that this is because players don't like anything new, but that's BS. They didn't like these features. In my opinion, the adjustable zero fret is genuine garbage, not because a good zero fret is bad, but because this adjustable version is junk for a number of good reasons. The Les signature is unfortunate and disrespectful. The electronic tuners are ludicrous but worthwhile on GC floor models so the rest of the customers don't have to hear out of tume playing. The wide neck, IMO, is as good as regular Gibson necks. I do not experience it as noticeably wide, and it's a hell of a lot better than all those narrow Squier and Affinity necks that people describe as fine. I'd buy one of these, chuck the tuners, and install a proper nut and be happy.

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