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Mar 21, 2007
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I have finally compiled a list of the stuff I have to sell this fall. Pics are available upon trades but reasonable offers wil be listened too..

as I add a few odds and ends I will bump the Thread if that is okay with Flick...

Pick Up’s:
Gibson 50’s P90’s Diagonal Screw Pick Up’s: Pretty self explanatory…these are KILLER pickups that are come from a 52’ GT I am having converted. All original and ready to Rock!..$1,800

Gibson 60’s Patent # Pick Ups: I have a set of two (2) Vintage Gibson Patent # pickups that came from a conversion. As far as I know the covers have never been off. These are awesome sounding and came from an early to mid 60’s guitar. Not sure of the color of the leads since I have never looked inside the covers…$500

Music Man: You are looking at a MINT condition HD 130 Music Man amplifier from the early 70's. This amp has only one small blemish to speak of and its a small spot about the size of a tooth that may have been a cigarette burn, yet was filled with a black filler so its barely noticeable. Let's face it, if you are looking at this ad, you’re one of the few intelligent musicians who know how under-rated early Music Man amps are. This early 70’s Music Man 2x10 130 watt is all original tube combo in almost pristine condition. 130 watts of super power for cleans country, bluesy blues or crunchy classic rock with two channels, master volume tremolo and reverb all working perfectly clean near perfect…awesome amp…130 watts is too much for me now…. This amp has tone to the bone, Reverb/Trem pedal included…$750

Fender Champ Early 70’s : This is an all 100% original, with the exception of the plug, early 70’s Fender Champ in Excellent condition and sounds great. Awesome tone and 8 inch speaker with 6 watts of power. This is the Layla album tone all the way!! Not much else to say really except…$350

Road: Late 70s’ Road amp 110 watts solid state 2x12 Combo amp...wil accept roller casters on the bottom as well for easy rolling around...I bought this in Kansas City, MO in June of 78 and I am on the ONLY owner of this amp. Just had the speakers reconed and bench serviced by amp master world famous Ampeg man Jess Oliver (see;,, Guitar Reviews: Harmony Central® - User Reviews, you get the picture…no one better! It is sweet and clean like a Fender Twin with the power and clear bell tones…but has master volume for that REO 70’s crunch tone to it… Road was a big name in amps in the late 70’s with many of the bass rigs used in disco and the guitar amps for everything from rock and country to disco…it can go clean or dirty. Built in Chanute, KS in the 70’s, I bought it new in KC, MO before coming back home to Long Island and I am the one and only original owner. This one has traveled the country and has served me well gigging and never let me down. It is the size of a Fender Twin but lighter and can go from clean and country to bluesy to an overdrive for rock! One of the cool features is the metal screening over the speakers to protect them from damage and “punch through’s.” It has knobs for master volume, volume, bass, middle, treble, effects (intensity) and reverb. It still has its original speakers but now reconed. The tone and sound is pure vintage! Nothing can duplicate it…$500

50’s Gibson Les Paul Case: This 50’s brown Gibson/Lifton case is all original in good shape and all latches and stuff work perfect. Structurally sound, a few wear spots of course…no smells, no odors, the pink lining is faded some but it is 50 years old…$1,800

50’s Gibson ES335 Case: Up for sale is this 100% Original Gibson 1958-1960 ES-335 Brown Hard Shell Case for a Gibson ES 335 guitar. This case is in Very good condition and is sound and structurally all there! This 1958-60 Brown Gibson ES-335 Hard Shell Case is All Original and In Excellent Condition. The case is complete and the Handle is All Original with no wires holding it together as some other old guitars case may have, the original handle construction is all in tact 100% although most of the leather is gone off the handle and the handle is starting to split on top but it remains intact, solid and together. Top and bottom have the normal wear and scuffing and the sides are well intact and no problems, just some normal 50 year old wear and tear. THERE ARE NO SMELLS AND THERE IS NO MOLD!! All the Latches work and are in excellent condition. Remember this case it nearly 50 years old and is in very fine shape. As you can see there is the normal scuffing and of course some looseness around the edges of the case material but this case IS STRUCTURELY SOUND AND FINE. Asking $700

Calzone PA/Mixing Board combined Case with A Bi-Amp 6 Channel mixing board: PA Calzone Case combo unit running PA sound or monitor sound systems for power and soundboard. I have used this case with the BiAmp 6 channel board for the last 25 years having bought it brand new from Gracin’s Music in Hempstead in 1982 and I am the original owner. Everything on this board works except I am having a problem with only one channel…channel 5 I believe it is otherwise everything on this board works. This combo unit allows you to compactly run the power source and soundboard from one location and fits on the front seat of your car. The sound board rests on top with the “running board” for screwing your sound board measures 19 inches across and the slots are 12 inches up and down. As for the open bottom end of this combo unit it measures 19 inches across by 10-1/2 inches up and down with center screw hole to center screw hole across about 18-1/2 inches. I have run two Crown D150A’s top and bottom and still had room for a 2 inch tall crossover and once I ran a Crown 300 on bottom and a Crown D150A on top for the highs and they both fit in here at the same time. While most of the foam padding has left the underside of the top, and other areas, this unit is solid, no cracks, and no breaks only some rust on corners and some flat hardware since I live by the ocean and other surfaces of this unit have no rust. All Latches and spring latches are tight fitting and strong and work 110% perfectly!! I have set the reserve as the Buy It Now at $250…well worth it since cases of this quality are $250 or more by themselves, the mixing Boards is 90% there and fixable and finding this unique combo unit is a rarity. Perfect for smaller gigs or running monitor systems for large gigging bands….$250 I can close this up wrap it in plastic and ship…$250

1969 Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top: 1969 LES PAUL DELUXE. In very, very lightly played EXCELLENT condition! It is 100% original down to every screw…verified and authenticated by one of the east coast’s leading luthiers who name is given upon request with documentation. It is unmodified and has never had anything changed or repaired or put back on! There has never been a crack or break on this guitar and has the 50’s style one piece body and is in 9.5 CONDITION. HIGHLY CARVED TOP…small crack in corner of pick guard and very, very light finish checking. Very lightweight at only 9 pounds..ALL ORIGINAL PARTS, FRETS, CORRECT LATE 1968 POT CODES, ETC. THE GUITAR SOUNDS AWESOME........with original hard shell marigold case…they don't come any cleaner or more original than this.

1974 Fender Stratocaster: Up for sale is this 100% original 1974, three bolt neck, large head stock, double string tree Olympic white Fender Stratocaster with staggered pole pickup’s. This baby has maple neck and board, staggered pole pickups and contoured ash body. This Strat is the tremolo model in its original Fender case with winged logo & these cases are selling for over $350 these days. This is easily a 9/10 and the REAL DEAL. This beauty started life as an Olympic white Strat and has aged and ambered to gorgeous lemon chiffon yellow…headstock ambered as well and there’s not too many of these around that’s for sure. This is 100% original strat and certified by one of the East Coast’s and nationally known leading luthier’s who’s name will be given upon request and this axe comes with her full papers and luthier’s appraisal used by my insurance company for $6,500. I am selling it for $5,900 I have seen these sell for more of course depending on condition, but when you figure a 69’ is $15k, a 1972 with rosewood boards is $10 to $11k, this price for a 74 is right in the ballpark and actually a pretty darn good deal. I have no reserve but it is priced to sell fast with no gimmicks or surprises so I can move on to a rosewood strat or 50’s LP. As I said this guitar is 100 original without even a solder joint having ever been touched and has its original 3 way switch, tuning pegs and everything included untouched and fully guaranteed all featherweight and in Ex+ condition or money back! This is not some fly by night guitar or seller…I am selling because I want to move into a 69’ rosewood strat or a 50’s LP. The pics to this beauty says it all. It is priced to move and while there is no reserve on this…it is being offered for sale in many magazines, papers and web sites as well as locally so I reserve the right to end this auction at ANY time

1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top: This is a 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top. All solder joints are unbroken, original and pickups original, it has sandwich pancake body, rosewood fingerboard, two (2) mini humbucker pickups allows you to cut through the band’s mix and has its hard shell case. It is ol’ reliable with awesome tone, reckoning back to Credence and Fogerty’s “sound” of his 60’s customs and 50’s gold tops and the neck pickup on this axe is a tone monster!! This a player/collector guitar where you can get many tones, fast as lightening action, awesome frets with tons of life left and GREAT LP tones from an early 70’s guitar for under $3k!! You even get a third sound in the middle pick up position…which is rare on LP’s. The tuners are correct and original as is the rest of the guitar with a few nicks and bruises adding mojo. The stop bar looks original but was plated gold and has some flaking and saddles were changed to brass adding infinite sustain. This looks like it had one of those plastic protector guards on its back that were so very popular in the late 70’s and as you can see a few plugged small screw holes from that installation that were plugged with mahogany but DOES NOT effect this guitar or sound at all. There are plenty of GREAT 70’s Norlin Gibsons out there and this is one of them…don’t let the Norlin haters out there deter your thoughts and wants. It is in excellent minus condition and of course has a few marks. Get your early 70’s Gibson at a great price. Only $2,400

1976 Gibson Standard Les Paul: 1976 Gibson Les Paul. It is Wine Red, all solder joints are unbroken, and pickups unbroken, it has sandwich pancake body, rosewood fingerboard, 2 full size humbucking pickups and has its original hard shell case. It is ol’ reliable for a player where you can get many tones, fast as lightening action and you even get a third sound in the middle pick up position…which is rare on LP’s. Usually the middle position is the same as the rhythm or muddier. This guitar is different in that you can get that third distinctly different sound in the middle position. Changed tuning pegs because when I purchased this, it came with the pearl Klusons which look better but is period incorrect. The tuners should be the cheap chrome Schaller’s Gibson was using at the time on all standard LP’s. It’s had a refret, graphite tech saddles and incorrect strap locks. It is in excellent condition paying wise and looks wise but it does have one spot below the volume knobs that has a chip in the lacquer. It is not a big spot, but you can see it in the picture. Has minor dings in a couple of different spots, but nothing major for being almost 30 years old. Please e-mail any questions….$2,000

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