Filling and drilling Epi Sheraton bridge and tailpiece


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Jun 25, 2009
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Hey guys. I've got an '03 Peerless-made Epi Sheraton that I'm wanting to make some upgrades to. Got a Mojotone wiring kit, some SD pickups, a Graphtech Resomax bridge, and an Epi-branded TP6 tailpiece. The problem is that the post spacing on the tailpiece and bridge is just a hair too wide to fit. Weird because the a.) the tailpiece is an Epiphone, so it SHOULD fit another Epiphone, and b.) the bridge was sold as being a direct replacement.

Anyhow, I'm too far into things to return the parts, so as far as i can see it, my only option is to fill and drill the holes for the studs. Filling is no problem, but drilling is. I don't have a drill press, and my main concern is making sure I can keep the holes vertical and properly aligned on the guitar. Any suggestions? Should I use a forstner, spade, or some other kind of bit?

ALSO, am I going to run into a grounding problem w/ the graphite saddles on the bridge and the individual string mounts on the tailpiece?

Thanks in advance!

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