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Aug 27, 2017
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And just because ya asked.....

I think that's pretty self explanatory. I could have moved the pot just a tiny bit to the right, but as it is, the location is ok (now that I've got a slot in the shaft). The pot is a Bourns with solid aluminum shaft. I ended slotting the shaft with a neat little "mini" hacksaw that I got at Home Depot a few years ago when I had to do some plumbing in a wall. Works great for tight spots, and did a perfect job for a slot.

I think there's a picture of the old resistor a page or two back.

The idea is - should the pot fail the fallback is the 56k resistor and vice versa. The amp will go cold, but it won't take out the tubes or OT (or maybe the PT... ) since the chance of complete runaway is now much lower.

The range of resistance is about 46.5 to 15.5 ohms. The 56k by itself resulted in a very cold sub-25ma idle current, so the range is ok.

And I hope that helps!

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