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Jan 9, 2011
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I saw this video a few days ago from the “Dylan talks tone” guy. I’ve seen his videos in the past, and he always seems pretty down to earth and levelheaded. He had a lot of info, like he knows people on the inside. I went a couple of times since then to see if I could find out any further information. Not much out there, mostly stuff about the video he made. The guys over at Strat talk got their panties in a wad real bad over his video, they were seriously angry. They were trashing him, lots of “who the hell is this guy?“ The link above takes you to an article that also mostly references Dylan’s video. Sounds like a bad situation if his info is accurate.


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Mar 1, 2014
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We are in a recession. Not sure if people are aware of that fact.
Could also be market saturation after all those Rona sales when people were taking up the guitar. Maybe the competition is eating into their usual market.

A lot of companies need to cut head count but it’s often a bad look, but if you have a recession to cover the actual reason you look good.


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May 29, 2015
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Dylan is the only one with "news" as Fender doesn't comment on staffing. They only make releases when they come into new corporate money.


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Aug 21, 2014
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We are in a recession. Not sure if people are aware of that fact.

They're not..........they're out whining about their rights and soapboxing ridiculous bullshit....while ordering Uber Eats, Playing Pickle Ball and snacking on Avacados.....

IMO....folks need to do some serious prepping .........by November/December a sharper down turn could be in full swing.....

I hope not, but my industry sometimes echoes much of what is really happening economically......

Couple things going on right now.......(in my area)

1. Realestate listings are up 1000% (in mine and neighboring counties)....probable panic selling.....

2. Realestate showings are way way down......pool of buyers is shrinking.

3. Obviously......home loan applications are in the toilet.

4.My spec home builders are all doing what I call panic building.....basically trying to rapidly finish and list all home's that are started.....even bringing in more subs to get 'em done......however on the back side.....actual new starts are way way down.......

I get monthly start up sheets from one of my larger builders ......they have cut starts down by 300% or more.

5. Layoffs are showing up in a few supply area's......yesterday Aquatic(LASCO)
Laid off 20-25 fabrication workers yesterday as new construction starts are way down...... https://aquaticbath.com/

6. 1 of my main flat glass suppliers has cut delivery days from 1-2 drops weekly to 1 drop every other week and the weekly interstate supply truck was cut from weekly to monthly.....(basically fvking me on some material)

7. Wages had been up a little bit as business's needed help asap......

But in the residential construction and supply arena it appears many companies have said fvk it...they can't pay high wages for unproductive bodies.....it doesn't pencil.
So I believe many are just circling the wagons .......

Then again.....

I'm just an old ass shower door guy trying to scratch out a few more $$ before I'm 67 1/2 so my view could be all wrong.....
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Jan 13, 2012
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<airquotes> Recession </airquotes>
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Apr 22, 2017
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The US. economy generated half million jobs in July...Fender is swimming against the trend? Perhaps the reality they've all been talking about, luxury items( for the average middle class household) are off the budget, as everyone struggles with rising prices on food,gas, housing.

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