Fender Blues Jr. Tweed vs. other amps


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Sep 27, 2019
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I have owned two tweed Blues Juniors. The first one I gave to my son. I missed the amp and bought a new version lll. The way to run these is to max or nearly max out the master volume to get the EL84’s cooking, then control the overall volume with the volume (gain) knob. Also, louder is better. It you’re using it as a bedroom amp, get an attenuator. If you try to do it all with the pre-amp, volume control it will be a miss. I do agree that a Deluxe Reverb is a better amp, but they like to be driven too. Again, as a home amp the DRRI is very loud when cranked. A Princeton Reverb is probably a better choice for home use.


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Jul 7, 2011
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THis is a Necro thread from 2009. BUT, since the information of people's experience is useful, and people are always considering the Fender BJr, I'll chime in.

The most common complaint about the Blues Jr is one of 3. major complaints 1. It sounds boxy, 2. It's Distorted Tones are too buzzy,, 3. Just don't like EL84 tone.

If #3 holds true for you, not much you can do about it.

I had a FSR (Fender Special Run) that had a thicker plywood used on the CAB, and did find #1 and #2 were true stock. Mind you, mine had the stock Fender speaker.. But the thicker wood was done to mitigate the boxiness.

This is to say at home/bedroom volumes, or even small venue, solo or with a singer volumes.

Because, a better speaker than the stock does help mitigate #1 and #2 complaints. Better tubes also help #2, the buzzy distortion.

But the small CAB size will never allow it to not sound a little boxy. And, getting distortion at lower volumes, means preamp distortion, and on this amp that will always have a little buzz.

Also, IMHO, the stock Fender Speaker was way too beamy. If you were dead on, it made it too bright, and too far off-axis, muddy.

Ultimately, I used mine as a pedal platform when I wanted distorted tones.

IMHO a pure stock Blues Jr, needs at a minimum a speaker upgrade, and even then it becomes an okay, small, tube amp, that is decent for pedals. The Fender DRRI or 68 Custom DR were better in that role, albeit bigger in size.

But Blues Jrs, used to be affordable, so that was a big selling point. And, they were made in Mexico, a selling point for some. So even with a speaker swap etc, it was a good deal.

Not so much now. as they are $750-850 new, and even $450-$550 used.

But, if you can get one with any of the 'upgraded' speaker options, for a decent price, it can be a decent amp.

Having recently gotten, a Supro Delta King 12, which retails for less, I'd choose that over the BJr, as it is a lot less compressed (which I value), and can get nice light breakup or edge of breakup in either preamp, or power section at home volumes. It also sports a 6L6 power tube.

But that is just IMHO, and YMMV


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Jul 16, 2016
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In my experience, the Blues Jr. makes EVERY guitar sound like a Telecaster, which is great, especially if you play a Telecaster!
I love mine.
I couldn't agree more. I don't know if Fender intended it but these two seem to have been made for eachother.

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