Fender and Marshall tones decision

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Jul 2, 2008
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Buy a Blackstar Club 40. Fender tones even cleaner than Fender tones and awsome Marshall tones.

Or, buy a Fender and use pedals.

Or, buy a Marshall and play it really low.
Had a blackstar stage 60.Clean tones a little sterile but the crunch channel was real good.


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Dec 19, 2011
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Another vote for the JVM410H:

I gots mine! And the clean tone (clean channel/green mode) is really that good (I use mine with G12C Marshall/Celestion speakers developed for the JH100 super stack, but I also use a more modern Celestion with equally great results). The dirty sounds go from a slightly crunch to classic Marshall crunch to '80's overdrive to hellacious high gain.

All this is not cheap, but if you want to cover it all in one box, the 410H is a serious consideration. The only other amp that I could confidently record or perform with would be the Mesa-Boogie Road King 2-check that mutha out!!!
Stop it !!!

I can't afford another amp right now :Ohno:

I really like that modern red channel too :D:dude:

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