Fender American Special Jazz bass with original Fender gigbag


Jun 19, 2014
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USA Fender Jazz bass.

Candy Apple Red.

Body only has a couple of tiny nicks (smaller than a partial pinky "tip of a fingernail" imprint) in the gloss (nothing through the paint and YOU HAVE TO HOLD THE BODY UP TO A LIGHT, PUT YOUR EYES UP TO THE GUITAR AND HUNT FOR IT - but I'm mentioning it in "full disclosure" so that anyone who buys it and scrutinizes it like that won't be disappointed).

Neck has zero fretwear and NO blemishes or marks of any kind on the fingerboard. The back of the neck only has a few TEENY indentations (each smaller than the head of a pin) that are not through the glazing and YOU CANNOT FEEL WITH YOUR FINER AND CAN ONLY DETECT IF YOU HOLD IT UP TO THE LIGHT, PUT YOUR EYES CLOSE TO THE NECK AND HUNT FOR IT - again, for "full disclosure").

Comes with original Fender gigbag in excellent shape.

$725 shipped