Feel good music, what's yours?

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Oct 18, 2013
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IN that video the bass player is using a '50s Kay Hollow body. I had the Howling Wolf model (around a '54) that was given to me by a fellow Moose Lodge member back in '94 - it was in pieces. Neck dove tail joint came loose and neck came out, bent tuner, chip in the headstock veneer. Other than that it was in decent shape, just needed someone to restore it. It sat in my basement for 10+ years and survived 2 moves. Always had the intent to restore it but didn't have the knowledge.

Back in 2008 (09?) I ran an add on CL in Colorado and sold it to Gary at Banana Guitars down in Vero Beach FL about a week later.

Very cool bass.

Of course I then discover MLP a few years later where I could have acquired the knowledge to restore it myself. But Gary paid me a very fair price for a guitar in pieces so there is no regret.
Any lively jump blues song can usually momentarily distract me from whatever’s bugging me at the time.

Here, try it. Think of the co-worker who you have to constantly cover for because he's not carrying his weight and then listen to this:



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Nov 9, 2012
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The Beach Boys seem to be my go to band these days. So many feel good songs that you can’t help tapping or singing along to.

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