Father's Day


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Jan 18, 2013
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Since I'll be gone up to Glenwood Springs over the weekend, i wanted to wish all of you fathers, soon to be maybe fathers, a very Happy Fathers Day Sunday.

There is something about being a parent that is unique in that no matter how old your children are, you somehow always see a part of them that no one else ever gets to see except of course mom.

My oldest daughter is 50. Imagine that. She grew up around my business, guns, hunters, shooters machinery, wood working, and can out shoot the majority of men that claim they can shoot.

And yet everytime i see her, i think of how when she was about four years old, when i would be walking out the door to my shop every morning i would tell her, "see ya later alligator !" And she would tell me, "after while crocodile." And it was super cute.

Another little heart breaker was that sometimes she would ask me, "daddy, why do you do that ?"
I would frequently respond by saying "A man's got to do what a man's got to do."
Until one time i told her that and as precious as could be, she came right back and said proudly,
"And a girls got to do what girls got to too" which took me totally by surprise. She must of been five.

My son who is an operator in The Marine Corps who is as dangerous as they come when in company with his fellow Marines, yet could make you laugh even in a fighting hole, is home for a very short time. I am very greatful for that, Lord knows.

He is meeting his niece and nephew for the very first time. How special is that. The two brothers are together, everyone but Betty. But she's here.

So even though they are grown themselves, perhaps like me, you are lucky enough to have grand kids.

It matters not, being a dad, being there, showing them so they don't make the same mistakes we might have made or avoided.
Teaching them to not look around in fear, but rather in awareness.

Its been worth every single second. Do i know anatomy? does a fat baby fart ! I brougbt them into the world. Delivered all four of the kids in my little paper booties, gown and in those days the doc would give them a little pat on the rear to kind of wake'em up and say
hello world ! Its the most incredible thing you can whitness. Life. It makes you want to be some body, do things. Ya, i know boys and girls pretty much from head to toe. Because I'm a dad.

Happy Father's Day Sunday
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Fiat Lux

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Nov 16, 2012
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I'll be getting my FD gift a little late this year; my son's coming to live with me in July. He's in a bit of a tight spot, but we've got a plan and a network here that should see him in a good spot soon.
Good for you, Thump. Not to far from now you two will look back and smile.


G Man

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Mar 23, 2008
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As much as it can cramp your lifestyle and costs as much as you can make as fast as you can make it, I wouldn't trade in being a Dad for the world. Got to bring my daughter to her first Dead show the other night, can't tell you how happy that made me. An experience I wouldn't have if not for being a Dad.

To all the other Dad's out there, enjoy it for everything its worth.