FAQ: Norlin History


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Oct 31, 2016
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You might want to try re-posting this up one level in the Gibson Les Paul section.
This is just a thread for FAQ's and doesn't see much daily activity.
If you look you will see all kinds of similar ID questions out there.
I would be surprised if someone didn't answer you within 10 minutes out there!
There are a LOT of amazing people on here that love to ID stuff.
Great find, BTW


Dec 2, 2019
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I don't ever recall seeing anyone ever say that about them, but could be wrong. Records are lost during this period. Gibson has a couple for only black and white Les Paul Customs, like 60 if I remember, thats it. I made some posts about it with all the correct info. Not all had the inlay, and even some early '75 LPC appeared with them. They made the 20th Anniv models in White, Black, Cherry Sunburst, Tobbacco Burst, Wine Red and Natural. I have a Natural one, Natural and Wine Red are very hard to find, not many with inlay were made. Mine also has stock a harmonica bridge and is a one piece top, very rare. During this period all of Gibsons records are gone for the most part. They only did the 20th Inlay in 1974, and some of the last batches were done in very early '75 had them.
I hear you have a natural with a one piece top! Any chance we can see it in the "norlin natural appreciation thread" ? Ive got a one piece naty standard, tha i just posted in there. I would love to see another. Thanks!

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