F/S: PRS Tremonti ONE-OFF Whale Blue Old Birds 10-Top LOWER PRICE


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Jun 9, 2008
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Relisting at a lower price, I have this very rare and beautiful, excellent-condition PRS Tremonti in a one-off Whale Blue finish, with a 10-top and Old Birds, with a black finish on the back and neck.





This has the Tremonti uproute on the trem, so you can pull up or down on the trem. Has Phase II locking tuners, and almost no wear, with no scratches or dings or dents or issues. OHSC has some wear, otherwise this could almost pass for an in-store new guitar. Guitar includes the trem arm and Eagle hang tag.

It's an unbelievable axe, with huge tone and very versatile, but with school and kids, I don't need so many guitars.

I'm lowering the price to an unbelievable $2K plus shipping and paypal fees, or will accept cashier's check or bank wire. Price is firm with absolutely no trades. I will ship anywhere in the world, but require bank wire if going outside the USA, and have lots of great experience with this for high-end guitars to many different countries. Please contact me directly for exact quotes to where you live, or with any questions about the guitar.

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