F/S: PRS Tremonti One-Off 10-Top with OLD BIRDS


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Jun 9, 2008
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With great trepidation, I am putting up for sale my PRS Tremonti, a very special one-off formerly owned by MAPete and Ibanez4Life here on the forums, that was sold at Willcutt's with OLD BIRDS. I've never seen another production run Tremonti with trem and old birds, and 10-top to boot. It's a beauty, a one-of-a-kind, and sounds just gigantic clean or dirty, on any pickup setting. I'm re-using Pete's pics, since the guitar is still exactly the same:





This is just a killer guitar in every way, but I only seem to play my double cuts. I kept this around the last few months, thinking in my head that I need to have 1 PRS single cut to balance out my others, but it's just sat in its case and hasn't been played more than 15 minutes since I bought it. It's very clean with little signs of use anywhere, I'd easily give it a 9.5/10 or higher. I don't have an exact scale but would ballpark it at 9 lbs. The OHSC has some wear but is functional, and the case candy and hang tag are included.

I am asking $2200 plus shipping and paypal fees within the Continental USA, and will also ship worldwide if paid upfront by bank wire only, and have plenty of references and experience shipping anywhere in the world. No trade offers please. Please email me with any questions or for an exact quote with your shipping zip code. Thanks!

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