F/S - Epi ULTRA II Les Paul, w/Seymour Duncans, case, exc cond!

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Jan 2, 2008
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Only a few months old, like new, EXCEPT for upgraded pickups! The rather anemic stock pickups were replaced with Seymour Duncan '59 Humbuckers, and they bring this guitar to life! (trust me, if you get your hands on any Ultra II, change the pickups!!!!)

INCLUDES Epiphone hardshell case.

I also still have the original shipping boxes I received the guitar in, so it'll be packed right and tight to get to you. ;)

I am the original owner of this guitar, and it's only a few months old. Hardly used, still has all the case candy and paperwork that came with it.

If you haven't heard these remarkable guitars, you don't know what your missing. Yes, the Nanomag acoustic pickup can easily give a really, really nice acoustic tone (have to hear it to believe it), but the true magic of this guitar lies in it's ability to blend in the Nanomag with the Seymour Duncans. You can dial tones for days and discover new sounds! Blend a little acoustic tone to your driving rock for a unique, airy sound, or add some humbucker action to your acoustic tone and give it a little edge. With the built in stereo-out jack, you can even split the signal! Send the humbuckers to your amp, and the acoustic to the PA - get a crazy stereo sound with full control over each set of pickups.

Needless to say, the rocking tones from the Seymour Duncan '59 humbuckers leave nothing to the imagination - there's a reason these pickups are highly regarded. Full and rich sound, no matter if you're hitting the guitar hard, or laying off and playing sweet. (switch to the neck pickup, dial the volume back, and enjoy THE classic Les Paul sound)

Another bonus is the super smooth satin neck. No more hand hanging on the sticky finish of a guitar. This Les Paul also features contoured body cuts, making it incredibly comfortable to play.

And although my pics don't do it justice, this is a beautiful guitar! The quilted maple top has an awesome grain and is nicely deep.

Also, check out the reviews on harmony central at: Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II: Harmony Central User Reviews

Asking $680, plus whatever real world shipping to you is. Local to LA, welcome to stop by.

For more details, here's the official marketing spin:
A hybrid Les Paul that also goes acoustic. - The Les Paul Ultra-II is a truly different hybrid guitar combining a real Les Paul Guitar with a fingerboard-mounted NanoMAG Samarium/Cobalt pickup and electronics to produce shimmering acoustic tones with ultra-wide dynamic range. It is crafted with the same acoustic chambers as those in the regular Les Paul Ultra. Comprehensive NanoMAG controls are discretely incorporated into the back cover. True Stereo outputs capable of both mono and stereo with a regular cable.

The NanoMAG is a magnetic pickup with an air coil and a composition of different samarium cobalt magnets incorporating active electronics in a minimum of space. The pickup is protected by an epoxy layer, and the silver-platinum shielding, together with the active electronics, provides a low impedance, hum free output signal. The NanoMAG pickup provides an acoustic sound, but can also produce sweet blues and jazz tones. It is very resistant to the feedback and offers incredible dynamics in all positions.

Based upon Epiphone's top-selling Les Paul Ultra, the Ultra-II adds a proprietary NanoMAG low-impedance pickup embedded into the fingerboard and custom electronics to create a Les Paul that is not only capable of blistering, electric guitar riffs but also shimmering acoustic-like tones and when combined, greatly expanded frequency range and tonal capabilities. The goal of the Ultra-II was to create a more versatile guitar that was capable of not only real Les Paul tone, but also acoustic-like qualities but without adding a lot of controls and changing the overall appearance of the legendary Les Paul. Unlike other instruments that attempt to create a completely new guitar design, Epiphone went about this differently by starting with a proven, electric guitar design and adding to it.

The Ultra-II is all Les Paul. Its pair of Alnico Classic humbucking pickups combined with traditional LP design let's you rock like legendary Les Paul players. However, the Ultra's body is strategically chambered to not only reduce the weight, but to add subtle acoustic overtones. Taking advantage of this design, Epiphone teamed up with the premier German acoustic pickup maker, Shadow to take the Ultra to the next level. The result is the Ultra-II.

At the heart of the Ultra-II is the NanoMAG pickup. Referring to its small size and its composition, the NanoMag is a completely new kind of magnetic pickup that combines 3 Samarium-Cobalt magnets with on-board, active electronics to produce a low-impedance pickup with absolute linear response and an uncharacteristically wide frequency range. Voiced specifically for the Ultra-II, the NanoMAG is embedded in the fingerboard after the 22nd fret. Positioned at this harmonic-rich sweet spot, the NanoMAG is able to capture all the harmonics - from the lowest to the highest - with incredible accuracy and all with ZERO noise or artificial coloration. This again is different from all other acoustic pickup technology.

Front mounted controls for the Ultra-II remain in the standard LP locations. However, function is changed to Neck Volume (magnetic), Bridge Volume (magnetic), Master Tone and NanoMAG volume. Controls specifically for the NanoMAG, as well as the 9-volt battery compartment are discretely mounted on the back of the instrument on the control cavity plate. Using the back controls, you can set the treble, bass and gain of the NanoMAG. Once you find the settings you want, you generally won't make many changes to them. However, the control is there if you need it.

The Ultra-II also adds true stereo outputs that allow you to either combine its Alnico Classic humbuckers with the NanoMAG output or, separate the two for mixing possibilities. Both options allow the use of standard 1/4" instrument cables. With this, the player can route the magnetic pickups to a standard electric guitar amplifier and the NanoMAG to an acoustic guitar amp or the PA. Using the front mounted volume controls, unlimited blending and mixing of the two signals is possible.

If you want a versatile, professional instrument that's capable of both Les Paul crunch and real acoustic-like tones, the Epiphone Ultra-II is it!





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