EVERYONE Please Read :New Rules !!!


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Mar 17, 2007
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We don’t allow multiple registrations unless prior approval is given. If you are suspended and come back with a different registration, you will be permanently banned. If you attempt registration after being banned, we will report you to your ISP (s) and authorities


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Mar 17, 2007
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We expect you to be courteous to others and to know the rules BEFORE you post. We don’t accept not knowing the rules as an excuse for breaking them. While we encourage debate, you must disagree with others in a respectful manner.

If you post in a manner that appears to be intentionally rude to others, or if you remain engaged in an argument by continuing to post on a thread in an argumentative fashion, you can expect that the moderators and administrators will take action.

Here are the MLP rules:

1. We do not allow any posts or communications with other members that we interpret as harassing or rude to others.

2. We do not allow any posts that contain vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images; bigoted, hateful or racially/sexually offensive statements; has content that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them; unauthorized copyrighted material; language that defames, abuses or threatens others; advertising or any form of commercial solicitation and/or material that does not pertain to the room's given topic.

3. We do not allow posts that have religious content. You cannot get into areas involving religion or faith, etc. . You may not make posts that challenge the utility or validity of the thread or issues being discussed. You may not start threads that mock these threads.

4. We do not allow posts that discuss politics of any type anywhere on MLP. If you’re not sure whether your post might be interpreted by us as “political”, don’t post it!

5. We don’t allow discussion of how or why deals have gone bad unless you have a judgment by a court of law that backs up your allegations. If you have a serious problem with a member or company, contact us; if supported with evidence we may revoke their posting privileges on MyLesPaul

6. We don’t allow multiple registrations unless prior approval is given. If you are suspended and come back with a different registration, you will be permanently banned. If you attempt registration after being banned, we will report you to your ISP (s) and authorities.

7. We do not allow religious or political content in your signatures or posts. We do not allow for sale, for trade, wanted to buy or for auction in your signatures. This does not include listing your affiliations as mentioned below.

8. If you have ANY affiliation with any builder or company that engages in the business of making or selling music gear, you must include that affiliation in your signature.

9. We do not allow you to post private communications by anyone else (emails or Private Messages), or to post details about another person such as their phone number, email address, personal address, life outside of MLP, etc.

10. We don’t allow what we consider to be excessive arguing on a thread or what we believe to be personal battles between members. If you don’t like someone, put them on your ignore list or don’t respond to them. We don’t allow what we refer to as “cyber stalking”, which is when a member follows another member around on different threads to post comments that we interpret as harassing.

11. We don’t allow rudeness towards, or arguing with, the administrators or moderators.

12. We don’t allow members who are in the music industry business to say negative things about their competitors. This will get you suspended or banned and may get you involved in a lawsuit by whoever you said negative things about. We hold industry-involved members to a higher standard as regards their conduct towards each other. It is unacceptable for a company to offer any members incentives to write positive posts about their products, or to write negative posts about their competitor's products.

13. If you choose to end your membership on MLP, or if we end your membership, we are not responsible for removing your posts or your registration information.

SUMMARY: Your membership to MLP is a privilege, not a right. If you don’t agree with the rules, you should find a discussion site that better meets your expectations. Although we value every member and want you to be here, if your membership causes us trouble, we may choose to suspend or ban you. We reserve the right to suspend or ban any member for any reason, not limited to the above rules.

MyLesPaul has the right to change the aforementioned rules at any time without warning or notice.

Violation of any of these rules will bring consequences, determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not agree with these rules, do not discuss it in the forum. Instead contact the Administrator or Moderator and present your reasoning to them.

- Pornography, Sexual pornographic links to pornography, and other obscene and objectionable material.

- No third party ads or commercial ads of any kind are allowed in this forum.

- The posting of wild, unsubstantiated rumors and speculations is prohibited.

- The discussion of politics, race or religion, except in relation to how they are portrayed in music/songs is not allowed on this forum. There are plenty of other resources and forums online for discussion of these topics.

- Terrorism discussion or other related topics.

- Hacking discussion or other related topics.

- Using the public forum to discuss private matters - take it to email please.

- Bootlegging, piracy, unauthorized file sharing or discussion about other ILLEGAL activities

- Personal attacks or slanderous accusations against other members, moderators, companies or people.

- Comments and actions that are racist, sexist, or homophobic.

- Discussion about suspended, banned members and/or past and present disciplinary action.

- Insensitivity to other members.

- Profanity or harsh language

- Incoherent messages, littered with spelling errors and formatting errors. This includes "HacK3R" typing.
Please use spell check

- Public questioning or complaints about MyLesPaul.com, forum software, word filters, the forum admin/moderators and/or their actions

- Posts and replies that say "e-mail me for info" instead of just posting info for others to share (except for private or other discussions best left off-line)

- Grandstanding & Exhibitionism - making a controversial post to elicit replies and argument

- Drama and martyrdom. Some examples would include "Me vs. The World" posts

Almost every "opinion" is welcome. Exchanging ideas and opinions in a respectful way is what makes the MyLesPaul.com Message Boards a pleasure to visit. Notable exceptions would be commentary such as the following examples:

- Messages that are disrespectful to other members

- "My favorite guitar player is better than your favorite guitar player" flame bait

- Anti-(insert band name here) flame bait

- Anti-Les Paul (or other brand) flame bait

- Posting strong opinions about gear that you are not familiar with. If you don't know... ASK... and you will surely get help!

- Posts that are designed to incite replies and anger

- Any other posts geared toward creating havoc and disruptions.

If someone has a problem with SOMEONE else, use private e-mail and CC the MyLesPaul.com Administrator Or SuperModerator.

All cross-complaints to the PUBLIC forum will be promptly removed and your account "banned" for two-weeks minimum.

Do not debate the forum Administrator or SuperModerators about rules, guidelines and changes.


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