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Jan 13, 2008
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Up for sale a very rare and hard to find LC-100BB Singlecut made in 1979, one of the best years (if not the best) of all times. Very few were made at the factory.

Neck: selected mahogany1 piece with ebony board
Body: selected mahogany 1 piece as on 50s Customs

This guitar has been set with a new nylon 6/6 nut (Tom Bartlett blank) , brass ABR-1 screws and Pigtail steel long studs and bushings, CTS pots measured to 500K and Cornell Dubilier “Greenie” caps as on 90´s LS-320s. Creamtone rings and plastics upgraded. Shed PAF Daddy´s pickups set.
Refreted with Tokai original Sanko #213 frets (period correct tall and width)

Original old Tokai black case (Old brown Lifton style avalaible instead also if preferred)

Parts coming with the guitar before changes are avalaible and will be included on the sale

Asked price: 1.995 euro.


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Jan 16, 2010
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FOR SALE: Gibson Custom Shop Eric Clapton VOS 'Beano' Reissue Custombuckers.

I am selling a totally unused set of original VOS 'Beano' Alnico 3 Custombuckers.

Eric Clapton himself was involved in the development of these pickups for his 2011 Limited Edition run of only 500 'Beano' Reissues built Worldwide.

You cannot buy these pickups from Gibson...i only managed to order this set because my VOS Beano had to be re-made twice due to a Warranty issue.


Please contact me on (UK) 01275 464057 or 07866 627083.
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Mar 24, 2010
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FOR SALE: 1969 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe

- Made in the Kalamazoo factory
- Late '69 specs
- No neck or headstock breaks/cracks/repairs
- 4,2 kg
- Fat neck (the same meaty profile as on my '68 Goldtop)
- 13769 pot codes, original Sprgue Black Beauty caps
- Pancake body, 3-piece neck
- No "made in USA" on the back of the neck
- Letter "B" in the control cavity
- Closed O and B in the Gibson logo
- Really nice top carve

PRICE for MLP members: 4200 EUR

This one is a very percussive, dry sounding example from this era with great acoustic resonance (I've had a handful of Goldtops from '68 and '69)

However it's not a collector's item (non-original parts, non original hardcase though period correct). PM me for infos. This one is for the players out there that prefer the old-wood LP tone - hence the extremely low price.

I ship inside the EU and UK by DPD / GLS / DHL with bomb-proof packing.

69 01.JPG

69 04.JPG
69 09.JPG