ESP LTD to EVH conversion


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Apr 23, 2012
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Just finished the setup, it's frikkin dark out so outdoor pics will have to wait, as well as a video clip, but it'll be soon for sure.
A few words, the Bill Lawrence L500 came from my guild V that's currently getting a complete overhaul, i bought that p'up back in the late 80's and it's seen a many a gig in that V, it sounds much better than the muddy ESP h'bkr it came with. I contacted ESP to buy new pivot studs as the 'allen head' part of the stock studs were stripped, they replied and sent me 2 for free, what a great customer service encounter. The action can now be set my a simple turn of an allen wrench.

Overall, it sounds and looks much better than the $100 Craigslist deal it was 2 months ago when i got it, very happy with it.....and finally, pics.

Teaser pics for the RR custom V i'm currently doing clear coats on....


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