Epiphone Unveils New Headstock Redesign for Inspired by Gibson Line


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Nov 15, 2018
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The new Epiphone model I've got my eye on is the new Epiphone SG Modern Figured.
- ebony FB
- CTS electronics
- Grover locking tuners
- (sort of) flame top
- called an "SG" and not the lame "G-400"

>>> $549.00

In a year or so they'll be on the used market for, like, $375-ish or so (??)

Sorry if the snobby types don't like "poor man's Gibsons" but I happen to be one of those poor, disabled men, and that kind of price fits me perfectly. Especially with my love for music, guitars, and the pathetic SSI disability check they expect me to live on every month. Bring on the (pretty much) same thing for a whole lot less.

I would point this great and excellent business decision to the new and spectacular Gibson CEO. I love what they did with the Gibson Modern versus Original idea. Now it is being applied to Epiphone and us poor folks can have similar but different cool stuff, too.

Fender has done this for years, and I personally think the different levels of Squiers give us poor folks a fun visit to the music store. You might be upper middle class, or even middle class, with some type of income where you can afford a real Gibson, hats off to you. Enjoy it while you can. Let's say you buy 2 x R9's LP's and you dished out $10,000 for a deal on them... OK... I can have 20 x $500 guitars for that same $10,000 and not worry about banging them up or dropping them off my chair. Plus I can swap pickups around, re-wire stuff, and do all kinds of other hobby stuff with them that you'd be insane to do with a $5,000+ axe. (Yet there are seemingly lot's of insane people out there, LOL).

Or, with the same $10,000 in some really good lessons, some folks could actually learn how to play the instrument, something besides that old Asian song "Tune Ing". Which is where some folks should be spending their time doing instead of bragging about their next really expensive guitar in the forums.

Its only logical to cater to your market. And the poor will always out-number the rich. Gibson finally figured out there are a lot more poor folks than rich folks. I love my Epiphones, and my Squiers, and my Reverends, and my pawn shop finds. Since for the rest of my life I am permanently disabled, I can still have a ton of fun buying guitars.

Thank you, Gibson/Epiphone for keeping my life happy.


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Feb 1, 2009
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i have a couple of lower end gibbies.still the 2020 special is looking good.

man of wheel

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Jan 7, 2016
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And a USA-made Texan for NAMM 2020, looks pretty good to me! Depends on price of course... but I dig!

"The Original Collection—featuring the likes of Les Paul '50s and '60s Standards, SG Standard with Maestro, Firebird, Flying V, and Explorer—will have CTS pots, vintage pickup voicings and wiring, vintage-style tuners, and era-correct neck profiles.

The Modern Collection—featuring the Les Paul Studio, Les Paul Modern, and SG Classic Worn—will have push/pull pots, weight-relief bodies, slim taper necks, and other more contemporary appointments."

Epiphone made-in-USA Texan

Wow!!!! finally lets make some real money, take the yuk! out of a pretty nice guitar and get back to some rock&roll