Epiphone Probucker Pickups - Thoughts?


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Aug 31, 2013
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Thanks for the comments guys.

To answer a couple of questions...

I am quite happy playing around with my knobs :applause: but find the edginess is not in the realm of the tone pot, seems like the eq band it works in is different......

I may try adjusting the pickup heights again...I do like the basic sound it's just that they (well mostly the bridge) has a sharp edge that i cant seem to get rid of, Otherwise i would be quite happy with the sound.

I "may" be able to adjust it out with a notch filter / Eq or by adjusting the amp but my experience is that having to adjust the amp is not really solving the basic problem and certainly not something you remember to do in the middle of a gig, especially if you have just swapped a guitar...getting in to the next song is usually top of mind during that lull.

Thanks for the feedback, now that i know most people find them good I will play around a bit more.....

It may take a lot more adjustment to the pup height than you'd first think. My pickups are actually noticeably angled even from a distance away. I tip the Bridge pup fairly steeply with the treble side barely above the pup ring and the bass side as close as possible to the strings without issues like ghost notes. For the neck pup, I keep the treble side right even with the top of the pickup ring, and then I drop the bass side down to be even with the actual top of guitar or even perhaps a little bit lower. It gives a good, balanced tone from each pickup, IMO, and is useful in a live situation because it makes the Bridge significantly louder than the neck, which I like.

It may not be the right thing for you but I'd suggest giving it a shot to get you in the ballpark at least. :thumb:

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