Epiphone Original Masterbilt Collection


May 25, 2010
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With all of the buzz about the USA Epiphone's from Winter Namm 2020, my excitement is about the new Masterbilt Collection.

2020 Masterbilt Collection

Original Epiphone/Gibson designs released in Masterbitl line.
These are solid wood tops, backs and sides.
Been drooling over the originals on Reverb for the past two decades, trying to find one of the 1990's Excellente Reissue at a fair price. But so far no luck.

I am very optimistic on these three if the build quality is close to the original Masterbilt line from the mid 2000's.

I was disappointed with the Century Archtop Masterbilts. They felt cheap and too light.
The backs and sides were laminate for $800/$900.
I had a Deluxe that I returned because it did not feel right to me.
I am not dissing anyone that bought one, this is just how I felt about them.

I have an Emperor Regent that I was comparing them to, so it might not have been an accurate comparison.
The Regent has a booming voice unplugged that I expected from the Deluxe.

Anyway, I will be purchasing the Frontier first because I just love my DR-500P (Maple) and want another Maple Dred.
A plus is the electronics and that pick guard is just so 50s/60s.
If the build quality is good, the Excellente will be second and the Texan third.

I have a Martin 2006 DC Aura (Not the current GT Series) that I play live with because of the electronics, but play the DR 500P as my main guitar.
I have been debating putting electronics into my DR-500P, AJ 500 RS and AJ 500 MS, but will save the dollars now.

Love to hear thoughts from the Epiphone acoustic fans.


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Jan 14, 2008
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I would LOVE an Excellente!!! That looks like an inspiring acoustic to play!!

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