Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO-III Plus


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Nov 15, 2018
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Somebody might have already pointed this out, but the Pro II Plus models come with Gibson '57 Classic and Super '57 zebra pickups... so more tan just a pretty flame top. I know better deals can be had on the net, but off the Gibson web site, those are around $150 each, so they are maybe thinking $300 worth of better pickups?

I would have to say then, is a (most likely very) thin flame top and Gibson pickups worth more than a $299 deal on a LP Trad Pro? I am assuming Epiphone is still putting the same cheaper pots/switch/jack/wires in the fancier model (???)... which (to me) still strangles the tone of the better pickups, so kinda negates the extra money. -- For another $50 I can re-wire the fancy topped, Gibson pickuped guitar, and then the only consideration is the overall "tone woods"... do the woods actually make a cheaper model than an original Gibson with all of the same..??

My thing lately has been discovering how much MORE tone/potential you can get pout of an Asian guitar by simply replacing the guts and not the pickups. Lately I have re-wired (without replacing pickups) on one of my Fender Fotoflame '57 Re-Issue, I did a friend's Squire Strat, and one of my student's Samick Malibu Strat-type... all with incredible results. My philosophy is to replace the guts before replacing the pickups. A complete Strat wiring "guts" for a Strat is $25 + your time from TheArtOfTone...

That (to me) versus replacing the pickups with anything other than the originals... makes a lot more sense to replace the guts before the pickups.

Or, you can buy a Gibson Les Paul Studio, might not a fancy very-thin flame maple top, but it'll have both Gibson pickups (and I would think) better pots, switch, jack and guts...

That's why there are choices... and salesmen/saleswomen/dealers/marketing out there to convince you to buy one of any of them one way or another. Its all about individual choice, and I love that today we have so many choices. Compare what we have today in the lower priced guitars to what was being sent out of Asia in the 1970s, and the industry as a whole as come a long-longLONG way.

Personally, I love the Asian-made guitars because I can tear them apart, leanr something about guitar guts and such, and I'm not putting a way more expensive guitar at risk.

One thing I don't think I'll ever understand is (like my distant cousin relative did)... he bought a Gibson R9 Les Paul (very expensive version IMHO, $5k dollars and up...)... then he took it to a shop and had them replace the pickups. Then he sold it... hahaha... He of course has more money than Fort Knox to throw away, and was (in his world) just bored and bought the R9 for the hell of it... But why would somebody buy such an expensive piece, then rip it apart, modify it in some odd way, then get rid of it? I guess he maybe had to "pop his R9 cherry"... but I know for sure I'll have more fun touching and manipulating my $150 Epi LP Trad Pro (w/ case) than he ever did owning the R9. He has his bragging rights, but I do, too. I'm wiring mine for a 50s-style "Jimmy Page" wiring with 21 different tone choices (and 4 CTS pusl/pulls)... And I know he paid to have somebody re-wire it with some other kind of pikcups... to me, if that much of an expensive guitar needs pickups, it would never in a million years ever came ome with me, LOL... Especially with my concept of replacing the guts of AQsian guitars to make them way way better than they ever were previously... and NOT replacing the pickups in any of them.

IT was like this... I saw this R9 on a used guitar web site, and in an email to him, I told my cousin about it, then said something to the effect of "look what some dipsh!t did to en R9"... meaning in the add it was claiming an "upgraded" R9, as a pickup swap.

Come to find out in his next email back he said "yeah, that was my guitar"... as far as a falling out of... that was one of the last emails I ever got from my cousin, hahaha... I guess our personal choices were way too different to continue any conversations about guitars.

Me = having a blast hotrod/upgrading cheap as I can find them solid-body anythings
Him = taking a $6,000 R9 and f-ing it all up (IMHO) by doing a pickup swap....

Now some poor bastard is going to own a "messed up" (IMHO) R9... yes, the original pickups were in the case... but just how much did that erase off the value of that level of a guitar? With the pickups having been broken down from factory original everything (for the purists), what is the value now? To me NADA... I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole... of course that is about equal in one price to what I make on disability every YEAR. I wouldn't ever considering ever buying a guitar like that (even if I had the where with all, but that's me). Sort of like guitars that had their headstock broken, and repaired, I wouldn't want one, and it would be a tough sale later... unless you take a bleeding on the price...

Individual choice makes the world g round.


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Mar 15, 2020
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I know this is an old thread but I came across this listing on Guitar Center - https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/E...itional-PRO-III-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc

It's listed as a Pro III but according to the headstock it looks like a Pro III plus. If that's the case, is this a good deal? Looks like they are $499 new for the plus and this one still has the stickers on it so it may be in pretty good shape. I've always wanted a les paul and I'm intrigued by the new models (don't really care about the remade headstock, but the rest of the updates look pretty good). How does this model compare to one of the new standards?

I'm also intrigued by the tribute plus but those typically go for $450-$500 used so if this is comparable since it also has gibson pickups and is $150 less I may go this route instead.

I play all forms of rock, blues etc. My other guitars are currently a MIM fender telecaster and a mid 90's gibson nighthawk. Any help would be appreciated.


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May 16, 2013
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That seem like a great deal and ... the clown burst actually looks good, nice fading colors.


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Mar 4, 2021
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This was supposed to be a limited edition, but almost 3 years later I still see Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro III Plus selling at big dealers. Was it really a LE?


Aug 11, 2020
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"Reserve Today! Expected to Ship 09-21-2018"

https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-les-paul-traditional-pro-iii-plus-limited-edition-electric-guitar?rNtt=Epiphone les paul traditional&index=1

Traditional looks with modern tech.

From the stunning flame maple top to the Made-in-USA Gibson '57 Classic and Super '57 zebra pickups, this Epiphone is all Les Paul. With advanced electronics features coil split, boost and phase on push/pull control pots, this limited-edition guitar delivers an impressive tonal range and remarkable playability.

  • Gloss-finish solid mahogany body with flame maple top
  • 24.75"-scale mahogany neck with 22-fret, 12"-radius rosewood fingerboard
  • U.S.-made Gibson Super '57 and '57 Classic zebra pickups with coil split and boost, 3-way pickup selector
  • Tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece, Grover Rotomatic tuners
Order your limited-edition Les Paul Traditional Pro-III today.
I have a 2019 and I like it nice guitar my only wish is that it was a rosewood fretboard instead of Indian Laural because Laural is to dry


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May 6, 2008
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One incoming this weekend. It's going to be my grab n go axe! pretty psyked!


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Mar 19, 2020
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I got one this year, off GC Used, payed under $300, as it was listed as fair. Nut was bad, and "replaced by tech", and was beyond fubar, and needed to be replaced again. Some wear marks on wood, ding in neck. However, after nut replacement, cleaning, setup, it's a player and one of my go to guitars. I own 4 Gibson LP's as well, and this one gets it's play time in. Compared to the Gibson's, it does feel cheaper. I don't know why, it's probably various little things that adds up. But sound wise, it is a GEM of a guitar, and that's why it stays around. I want to gig at some point, and this would be an AWESOME gig guitar. Great sound, but cheap $. If it gets damaged or stolen, I'd be heart broken. But I wouldn't be out 2k either! Best of both worlds IMO. These are killer guitars. I might be tempted to rewire mine to a more 50's wiring style though. Might make it even better sound, and more simple. KISS theory!

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