Epiphone les paul junior . any owner ?


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Jun 1, 2013
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so i got 2 nice gibson les paul standard ... but i need a beater .. a travel guitar that i would carry in a gigbag and not to worry about it if it get dings .

i was thinking about the Epiphone junior ... they are out of production but i can get one on ebay . they look good ( better than the Special II IMO ) i like their strip-to-basic look + i prefer the humbucker to a p-90 .

1. - are they decent ? im thinking about throwing my burstbucker 3 in it from my gibson les paul standard :) .

2. - are they lightweight ?? i need a very lightweight guitar .. i dont know if someone could weight is junior . id like it to be in the 4 pounds range

3. is there a difference between limited edition custom shop junior and regular production .. is it just color limited edition or the whole guitar is significaly better ??

4. what kind of neck profile is on it .. i tried a 57 reissue junior with p-90 and hated the big 57 neck . i read that the junior has the slim taper profile . anyone can valid that .

5. Is their something under the pickguard ? i mean is the guitar cavity under the pickguard or you can take out the pickguard ?

overall , would you recommend it ??

thanx guys

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