Epiphone Elitist & Japan Les Pauls. Show em' all!



Tell us their stories and send pics. I really love that guitars! I had an Epiphone Japan Les Paul Standard with open book style headstock and iced tea finish. It was amazing guitar. But I sold it last year for an Gibson SG 61' Reissue. I hope I can find a new Epiphone Japan or Elitist like this... :(



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Dec 4, 2014
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Picked up my plain top near the arctic circle for real cheap and used it as a test bed for hybrid humbuckers years ago. Its been with me through my worst years in the army so I have some kind of sentimental attachment to it. No longer testing out stuff so I replaced the burnt/ brittle wiring with braided, cleaned off most of the old solder, and installed custombuckers.

Off topic- the raw nickel pickup covers from PLT were put on in August aged quite rapidly:
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