Epiphone Casino 1962, real deal classic


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Nov 6, 2012
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For sale is an Epiphone Casino E230TDV in faded Royal Tan. Made in 1962 the second year of production, this classic thinline hollowbody is in very good condition with transitional appointments including square headstock with pearl inlay logo, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays, and Trem-o-tone tailpiece. No breaks, cracks, or repairs, the guitar plays beautifully and sounds even better, just like a golden-era Kalamazoo instrument should. The original P-90s have a clear woody character that is different from any other P90 equipped guitar I've played and they sound amazing on the edge of breakup. The guitar just came back from RS Guitarworks with a fret crown, set-up, and some electronic work described below. The guitar intonates cleanly up and down the neck and the frets have enough height for a few more dressings. Most of the guitar is original, so I'll list the areas of interest:

1. The guitar was kept in the case with a white coil cable near the headstock for years. The housing on the cable reacted with the lacquer finish, resulting in a blister pattern on the back of the headstock. It does not affect the serial number or go into the wood and Roy at RS told me that the surrounding lacquer is stable
2. The bridge volume pot was seized at 10, fully open. It still works but it was replaced with a correct value RS Superpot. The original pot is included
3. The Tremotone bar is missing
4. The E emblem is missing from the pickguard
5. It looks like there was a different truss rod cover used at one point. There is a faint impression in the clearcoat that could be from a Bishop's hat Gretsch cover and possibly an extra screw hole

Beyond that the guitar is without issue, to the best of my knowledge. Sold as-is due to age, but it is accurately described. Guitar will be expertly packed, insured, and shipped in a new TKL hard case. Price to move at $4300 FIRM in the lower 48, please contact me beforehand if you live outside the continental USA. Only trade interests are vintage Fender electrics. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about condition, more hi-res photos are available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H9TVNiDQDxIfeospjBNYlJ4TJg0oPGTH
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